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The Portland Literacy Council is an all volunteer organization. Your donation will help maintain our volunteer driven activities, deliver quality tutor training, and/or assist those in need with a scholarship for taking the GED exams. Donations can be vital in enabling PLC to carry out and grow our valuable programs and events.

Become a friend of the Portland Literacy Council by sending a donation of any amount.

What does your donation do?

  • A gift of $100 will assist one person with passing the GED exams.
  • A gift of $30 will fund a tutor scholarship at our next Volunteer Tutor Conference.
  • A gift of $20 will pay for the professional training of a new volunteer tutor.
  • All donations are tax deductible. You will receive a receipt with PLC's Tax ID number.

Checks: Please make checks payable to Portland Literacy Council and mail to:

   Portland Literacy Council
   P.O. Box 2872
   Portland, OR 97208-2872

Credit Card: Submit payment securely through PayPal: